Alumni Benefits

Alumni benefits

TPStians graduate qualify for a range of benefits by joining our Alumni Web Portal. Registering is quick, easy and allows you to:

  • Access exclusive discounts
  • Update your profile with your up-to-date contact details
  • Find a classmate
  • Register for events
  • News from other alumni
  • Take advantage of free Library membership. 
  • Discounted membership at TPStians Sports Club
  • Receive the latest copy of Futurists and other newsletter.

As a TPStian alumnus, you automatically qualify for a package of benefits designed to give you a professional boost and keep you in touch with your institution. Explore these services using the left-hand navigation menu.

Future benefits

We are always interested in finding out what new benefits you would like to receive- please contact us with your suggestions. We frequently update these services, so bookmark this page or keep an eye out for updates in our publications.

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